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Lending a Helping Hand

Individual Counseling

Working toward being the best version of you

​We offer individual services for:

  • Adults

  • Adolescents

We specialize in treating:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Addiction

  • Phobias (particularly fear of flying)

Couples Counseling

Amazing connections

We have extensive training and experience working with couples. Our approach is solution oriented and aims to achieve rapid results.

We believe that every relationship has a chance to avoid divorce/separation. Within every relationship is an opportunity for great satisfaction, joy, and connection.

We help couples living in the Tampa area to identify obstacles to these goals and work toward success through the use of real techniques and interventions taught and practiced in session with your therapist.

Romantic Sunset
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Psychological Evaluations

Disability, Legal, Diagnostic Clarification

We provide a wide range of assessments for things such as:

  • Court ordered psychological evaluations

  • Disability determination

  • Treatment planning

  • Diagnostic clarification

Please note we are unable to provide assessments for child custody, academic/learning disabilities, or ADHD. 

Group Counseling

Support, Grow, Learn, Connect

Coming Soon...

  • Life Coaching Group

This group seeks to support one another in taking life to the next level. This is not a therapy group. This is pushing to be the best version of you! 

Support Group
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