Professionals need help too…

Where do professionals go when they need help? Maybe it’s stress, relationship issues, professional burnout. Or maybe it’s depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. Professionals are just as much at risk as the general population, and because of the work you do, it often makes a professional even more vulnerable.

We have experience working with:

- Law enforcement

- Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, and other medical professionals

- Attorneys

- Professionals in recovery

- Physicians Recovery Network (PRN)

- Military and Private Security Forces

It’s difficult enough for us to acknowledge the need for help. Finding someone you can trust can be a frustrating undertaking, especially due to the stigma that unfortunately is just as strong among professionals as it is society at large.

With Tampa Psychology, your confidentiality is critical for a successful outcome. No records are EVER released unless you personally authorize us to do so, or unless required by law.

We can arrange for you to bypass the waiting room by having your therapist immediately escort you to their private office upon arrival (requires advance notification).