Psychologists Wesley Chapel

Tampa Psychology is the oldest practice of psychologists in Tampa’s Wesley Chapel. The practice is owned and operated by Dr. Brian Nussbaum who is a Florida licensed clinical psychologist.

When we opened our doors in 2006 we recognized that there was a critical need for mental health services in the Wesley Chapel and New Tampa areas. Our approach is different. From our full-service psychological evaluation services to our individual psychotherapy services, we designed our practice to meet your needs. Although we do not accept health insurance, our fees are among the lowest in the Tampa area. We respect your privacy and refuse to sacrifice quality in order to meet the demands of managed care. Most people seeking mental health services are unaware that insurance companies track your use of health services and share information between each other. This could lead to denial of coverage of a future application for a new life or disability policy. We believe the sensitive nature of mental health services should remain confidential and therefore we are not providers for any insurance plan.

We use modern, research-based approaches to treatment that aim to address your problem in as few appointments as possible, often leading to a lower overall cost than using insurance.

Wesley Chapel is a growing community. We’re here to grow with you. We offer IQ and gifted testing for educational purposes. Whether you are seeking to have your child tested outside of the school system or wish to have them retested by a private psychologist, you will find our assessment process to be simple, friendly, and cost-effective.

Our marriage and couples counseling takes the approach that every relationship can be preserved. Every relationship deserves to be fulfilling, loving, and rewarding. Our goal is to help bring you and your partner closer together by improving communication, reducing conflict, and increasing intimacy.

We have extensive experience in helping clients recover from alcohol and drug addiction. 12-Step programs aren’t for everyone. That’s why we offer alternatives such as SMART Recovery, Rational Recovery, and Harm Reduction approaches. Addiction is a chronic condition that requires long-term measures to be in place. We help build those safety nets, support systems, and teach the tools that lead to healthy, long-term success.

Our approach to individual therapy, is just that…individualized. We don’t impose one approach, but rather pull from various models of psychology that fit your needs. We have extensive experience and training in using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT. ACT teaches a number of core skills that don’t aim to fix problems, but rather change how we cope and deal with everyday life. This helps build long-term skills that last, instead of just reducing one symptom or present problem. ACT teaches us how to live in the present, accept our emotions, and recognize how thoughts impact us. We identify our values and the actions required to pursue them. ACT is an evidence-based psychotherapy that is effective for a wide range of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and insomnia.

When you call us, you will not reach a member of our office staff. You will always reach your psychologist. We believe that being of service to you starts by being available to you. That is why your call is never screened by anyone else.